Copywriting: Before the beginning

Today I made a decision; one which less than two months ago I had never even known to consider. Back then, my partner came to me and said, “hey, what about copywriting?” My first response was “what’s copywriting?” and this had led me through a period of basic googling and defining of words, research of realities and courses to today, where I have officially enrolled to be a Copywriting Apprentice.

Why copywriting?

For the past year and half, I have been on two significant transitions: first to be changing or expanding my career from one of performing and working in dance and physical theatre to one based in writing; second to become non-geographical, travelling with no fixed abode as anchor to return to. I have two addresses: my mother’s house in the UK and my partner’s father’s house in Australia. I live at neither. 

This has presented some professional challenges. During the year I managed to maintain an amount of earning that felt like the tail of the previous decade of working. Still co-directing an arts organisation and making the works I had received funding for the previous year kept my hand in what felt like a previous work environment. Naively I attempted to employ the method of creating and receiving work opportunities that had been successful for me previously. Unfortunately, this has so far proven too unstable to rely on long-term; turns out being still is important in developing trust.

As I returned to easily accessible forms of earning: bar work, retail and temporary engagements, I knew I needed to find a solution that could potentially fit my lifestyle but was more satisfying and with better prospects for development than these minimum wage environments. It was time to think on finding a more supportive career in these unpredictable times and, as I embark on this course, I hope that copywriting and the associated skill base this period of study creates will offer it.

Is it just for the money?

Well, no. While the possibility of establishing a regular income and the chance for a flexible and autonomous approach to work, this would not be enough to motivate me to complete this course, let alone do the work necessary to make a success of a future career. I would need something that touches a more personal urgency.

And so this choice to study copywriting has not just been a practical one; it is also an artistic decision. As a fledgling writer, I am looking to this course to offer some information that furthers my understanding of words and how I might better use them. What does it mean to persuade, and are there ways to do it that are not so abrupt or obvious? How is it to write to an established model and find my voice within it? This informs my decision with a more personal and emotional motivation: through copywriting I hope I will become a better writer all-round.

As I push off…

I still need to admit something: I still am not completely clear as to what all this will entail or where exactly it will lead. I trust that it will have a breadth and depth of possibility that I will find specialisms I do well at and am able to invest specialist knowledge in. I trust that it will move me forward and perhaps, whenever we embark on a new journey, this is enough.

If you would like to know more about the course it can be found here:


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