What is Copywriting?

Type copywriting into a search engine and most of the search terms point towards one simple question: what is copywriting?

Why so Confused about Copywriting?

There is an irony that copywriting would be shrouded in such confusion. After all, one of the primary functions of a copywriter is to bring clarity! So I think it’s time to consider why we get confused about copywriting.

Copywriting is most often confused with ‘copyright’. Copyright is “the exclusive right to produce copies and control an original literary, musical or artistic work” (thank you Collins Dictionary). This is not what a copywriter does.

Copywriting is also not just another word for a scribe: someone who writes out other people’s work or transcribe audio or a dictation.

I know this confusion genuinely exists through personal experience. I have had a number of clients dictate their desired copy to me over the phone, but this isn’t what copywriting really is, and is a significant underuse of a valuable resource. After all, there are plenty of apps you can dictate to to your heart’s content!

So, What is Copywriting?

…There’s one easy way to find out. Read the rest of this article What is Copywriting? on my website and discover what copywriting actually is…


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